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Ekattor (2020) Bangla S01 Download & Watch Online WEBRip 720P & 1080P

Ekattor (2020) Bangla S01 Download & Watch Online WEBRip 720P & 1080P

Mar. 26, 2020
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Ekattor 2020 Bangla S01 Download & Watch Online

Ekattor 2020 A love story amidst agitation and crime… Find out about the fight to survive, during the Bangladeshi freedom struggle. IMDB

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The castings & their performances were good enough. But screenplay was horrible. There are too many English dialogues also which is totally unnecessary. Sometimes, I thought it’s an English series. Direction was good, but could be better. Music was excellent. Unlike most other Bangladeshi contents , the gunfight scenes were far better.

You’ve acted in several critically acclaimed films Ekattor 2020. Did you train to be an actor?

I’ve always wanted to be a full-time actor. I’ve been acting in theatres since 2000. I started in Bagerhat, where I grew up. My maternal grandfather, Ali Mansur Paik, was a pioneer of method acting in our region. We also look alike, coincidentally.

I never saw him, but it’s almost like his spirit lives in me. I used to do one man shows in our courtyard as a kid. Later, I studied in Drama and Dramatics department in Jahangirnagar. I completed my Masters in Acting, top of my class. I thought there were lots of opportunities waiting for me as an actor, but the reality is a lot harsher than I expected.

I don’t let projects overlap. It takes time for me to leave a character. It was hard to move on to the next character after shooting Ekattor 2020 Series. I don’t focus on quantity. I like to ask the directors a lot of questions. The industry labels you as an art film artist or a character artist. I never said I won’t do any commercial film. It’s just that those scripts are not good enough.

Original title Ekattor

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